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A journey into historical wargaming

My fascination with miniature soldiers began in my childhood. The backyard became a vast theatre of imagination, where plastic warriors enacted epic tales in their dirt trenches and behind garden foliage. Those early days, fuelled by the boundless creativity of youth, laid the foundation for a lifelong interest in the art of war, albeit on a pint-sized scale, often punctuated with large breaks as life’s responsibilities and brickbats took precedence.

Now that I am semi-retired, I have the time to immerse myself in the hobby, or, should I say, a controlled obsession, again.

As a kid of a certain era, I played with Dinky Toys, 54mm plastic, and metal figures with my friends, pinging matchsticks from our spring-loaded artillery at each other's figures across my parent’s new carpet.

The pivotal moment in my wargaming odyssey occurred when I visited my local library. A wargames book by Donald F. Featherstone became my bible and promised to transform my backyard skirmishes into something more structured and strategic. Little did I know that flipping through those pages would open a gateway to a realm where history and gaming seamlessly converged. That dog-eared book marked the commencement of my journey into the world of wargaming and still sits on my bookshelf.

The allure of history soon intertwined with my newfound passion for miniature warfare. I voraciously consumed books that transported me across time and space, immersing me in the narratives of ancient battles and the charismatic leaders who shaped the course of civilizations. The more I delved into historical accounts, the more I realised that wargaming could offer not only entertainment but also a tangible connection to the past. I also had a lust for drawing, painting, and art, which eventually led to a long career in publishing, advertising, and eventually training, but gave me the skills and patience to enjoy painting my little men. It’s a kind of Zen thing for me.

Like many others, my miniature armies became more than just painted figures on a tabletop; they were living representations of historical forces, meticulously researched and lovingly crafted. The thrill of commanding troops in desperate battles with friends and like-minded acquaintances, whether it be the countless clashes across Europe with Napoleon’s battalions or the civil war in the US, became an immersive experience.

Books are my constant companions, adding colour and insights into historical periods that enrich my gaming experience. The shelves in my study and my computer groan under the number of both printed and digital books, chronicling the rise and fall of empires, the strategies of legendary generals, and the untold stories of forgotten warriors. The gaming table transformed into a stage where these stories unfolded.

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