A hidden gem from the past. Free Marlburian wargame rules

Digging around in my digital archives a few months back I discovered an old Word document on rules for the Marlburian period written by I know not who. I have played these rules and found them good fun and quite playable and a good feel for the period, so I have created an eBook from this document and share it here for free in the hope that the original author emerges so that they can be properly credited for their effort. Enjoy.

Richard Bird

2/2/20241 min read

Sun King is a historical miniatures game that can be played with either 25mm or 15mm figures. Each figure represents around 33 men or 1-4 artillery pieces. The measurements for 25mm play are in inches, while centimeters are used for 15mm play. The game operates on a turn-based system, with each turn representing approximately 20-30 minutes. Players have the option to "halve" the scale, doubling unit sizes and distance measurements except for the base size.

I have played games with 10mm figures in large units using inches with no ill effects. Unit conditions are tracked using Unit Record Sheets, but again I adapted this in order to use markers to cut back a little on paperwork. Game functions are determined by random rolls two D6 in most cases.

I would be very interested to hear your views on the rules and how they played for you.